I arrived in Cape Town a year ago. I’m massively inspired by the queer community here, but I also know that it’s fraught with complications.

Pride is just around the corner, and I’m still in the process of understanding the politics and nuances behind the whole event. That’s why I got my buddies MISSQueers on SmashDJ Stibo and The Salon on Bush Radio 89.5 FM to join me for the #SistersOnPride Twitter Chat on the 22nd of February to share their points of view!

Here are the highlights:

What does Cape Town Pride mean to you?

Q1 CatherineQ1 Koeksisters.1Q1 Koeksisters.2Q1 ColaQ1 MISSQ1 Queers On SmashQ1 The SalonQ1 The Salon.2

What would an inclusive Cape Town Pride look like?

Q2 The Salon.1Q2 MISS.1Q2 ColaQ2 Queers On SmashQ2 The SalonQ2 CatherineQ2 MISSQ2 The Salon.3

Cape Town Pride – Celebration or Protest?

Q3 MISS.1Q3 MISS.2Q1 Cola

What are some of the issues?

Issues Catherine.1Issues Catherine.4Issues ColaIssues KoeksistersIssues Catherine.2Issues Catherine.3Issues QOS

What is your message at Cape Town Pride this year?

Q4 Queers On SmashQ4 KoeksistersQ4 MISS.1Q4 MISS.2Q4 The Salon