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Scene In Cape Town NUDE Party 2

It was all chin up and nips out at Saturday night’s N.U.D.E exhibition and party!


These photos are about confronting the crude reality of our bodies (…) It’s about getting over the fact that we look a bit gross so that we can embrace our beauty. – Tayla-Paige van Sittert

While I was there I picked up a copy of N.U.D.E’s first zine, put together by artist and event organiser Bony Ska.

In the editor’s note she writes:

“this issue #1 of nude’s paper is dedicated to women. because most women are not truly free. (…)

to me, the highest purpose of n.u.d.e collective is to make people realise they are actually perfect as they are. whatever you want to create is beautiful when you express yourself without fear of judgment (…)

n.u.d.e is trying to make you feel that you are exactly at the right place, at the right time. that you will not feel judged unless you judge yourself.

n.u.d.e is about you. its about your story.

n.u.d.e is about your own path to becoming a free human.”

Nude Magazine 3 copy


Nude Magazine 1

Nude Magazine 4


Nude Magazine 5 copy

Nude Magazine 6


for every couple, there is a part of dream: how we should be, what we could be… and of reality: how we are beneath all what we expect to be. the distance between the two can hurt because it creates expectations. they are the reason for pain, misunderstanding, resentment, hic ups and break ups. but we always play roles behind the frame. sometimes the frame imprisons us. sometimes, the only way is to transcend its two dimensions. reinvent it. Pintie and Val utopian theatre was a way for me to see a relationship from the outside, and for them to express their identity, what they wished to be and how they actually were.

– Bony Ska

Nude Magazine 2

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