A guy at the KnexT Art Gallery leans over to the girl standing next to him and answers, “A gif is a file type.” It’s a good question to get out of the way early on considering exhibit.gif is all about celebrating this 29 year old oddity of a file type.

IMG_1136 1

The About section of the exhibit.gif Facebook page simply says, “.gifs don’t get the credit they deserve,” and that’s exactly what led the event organisers of inreallife.gif, the second in a series of exhibitions, to take gifs out of their online home and honour their strange blend of high art and digital trash on the walls of a gallery.

“They’re so easy to make and ultra inclusive.”

Out of roughly 200 submissions from local Cape Town creatives, a total of 152 were selected for the exhibition, and I was lucky enough to have three of mine chosen!


Jo Jackson_So Easy To Lose
So Easy to Lose


JoJackson_The Sheer Difficulty of Being Human
The Sheer Difficulty of Being Human

Stay tuned for the next exhibition and be sure to get your submissions in. Advice from the organisers?

“Be unique. Be yours. Submit.”