Cosmopolitan South Africa has made history (and headlines) by inviting Laverne Cox, “the world’s most vocal trans and LGBTQI+ poster girl” to be the dazzling star of their February front cover.

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, Cosmopolitan South Africa’s February issue is a response to the question, “What does love mean in 2018?” The world exclusive photoshoot and LGBTQI+ themed issue (complete with rainbow font and the hashtag #SayYesToLove) all go to show that mainstream media is starting to recognise and affirm that queer love counts too!

Here are a few highlights from this historical issue:

It goes without saying that the cover star and glamazon is the heart and soul of the 128 pager. In it she shares all kinds of personal details like:

  • What #SayYesToLove means to her: “Leaning into the vulnerability required to really love someone and yourself.”
  • Her most important relationship lesson: “I can’t change people. I must choose different people.”
  • And words she lives by: “Brené Brown’s boundary mantra: ‘Choose discomfort over resentment.’”

Watch this video to hear more of her answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask:

Beyond Cosmopolitan South Africa’s choice of cover model, the issue itself does a great job of shining a spotlight on LGBTQI+ issues and personalities, featuring openly gay South African recording and performing artist, Toya Delazy, and FAKA, the art duo of best friends Fela Gucci and Desire Marea who are redefining black queer representations!

The issue also explores the difference between gender identity, gender expression, attraction and sex, addresses the horrifying reality of corrective rape in South Africa, and provides a glossary of LGBTQI+ terms for anyone that might need to be brought up to speed. It even includes body positive illustrations that step away from the classic hairless Cosmo aesthetic by including underarm hair!

All in all, this historical move by Cosmopolitan South Africa is a move in the right direction and an exciting start to 2018.

Want to get in on the celebration? You can order a copy for yourself here!