Here’s a little Valentine’s Day gift from me to you! My latest piece for The LGBT Sentinel is all about how to make sure your cup is full before you think about filling anyone else’s. 

A friend once told me that, when it comes to relationships, “giving more than you have to give makes the other person a thief.” It’s easy to lose ourselves in love when we take what little energetic resources we have and divert them into someone else. It can leave us feeling drained, faded and quite possibly resentful. The question is, does your “cup runneth over”? Is your well full? Do you have enough for yourself, let alone for anyone else?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a day dedicated to celebrating love, I think it’s worth reminding ourselves of the importance of self-love. By living in such a way that replenishes the self, we not only set the stage for our own well-being, but we set the stage for healthy, nourishing love to grow with someone else too.

The hardest part of self-love is knowing what exactly it means to practice it. Here are a few techniques I’ve added to my own self-care repertoire over time that I think are worth sharing.



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